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SOS Mediterranee wins 'Alternative Nobel Prize'
The maritime rescue group has won the Right Livelihood Award for its life-saving missions helping imperiled migrants on the Mediterranean Sea.

US Republican candidates tussle at Trump-less primary debate
Seven candidates took to the stage for the second Republican debate. However, the lead candidate was instead campaigning among non-unionized auto workers in Detroit.

North Korea enshrines nuclear weapons in constitution
The move builds upon North Korea declaring itself to be nuclear state last year. Pyongyang's last nuclear test was in 2017, but it has launched missiles with mock nuclear warheads in recent months.

Switzerland: Landmark case against Belarus 'death squad' member
Yury Garavsky has confessed to being involved in the kidnapping of political opponents of Belarus' leader in 1999. They were later murdered. He now is on trial in Switzerland, and the verdict is expected on Thursday.

'Not against Ukraine': Russian deserters tell their story
Hundreds of Russian soldiers have deserted, but many do not have passports and are trying to get to safety in the West for fear of extradition. DW spoke to three of them.

Germany introduces border checks with Poland, Czech Republic
Germany's Interior Ministry said the border controls were meant to "put maximum pressure on smugglers" and protect people.

Iraq: Funerals follow wedding fire that killed at least 100
After a fatal fire at a large Christian wedding party in northern Iraq, people began identifying and burying their loved ones, while others rushed to donate blood at inundated local hospitals.

UK approves controversial North Sea oil and gas production
The approval goes against recommendations made by scientists and the UN to limit fossil fuel use and has been criticized by activists and the opposition.

How Morocco became a destination country for sub-Saharan migrant women
Over the past two decades, Morocco has slowly transformed from a transit country to a destination country for sub-Saharan African migrants — almost half of whom are women.

Spain: Conservative leader Feijoo loses first bid for PM
Spain's Popular Party leader Alberto Nunez Feijoo did not win enough votes to form a coalition, in spite of his party taking the most seats in the July general election.

Nepal moves closer to China but dodges security alliance
A visit of Nepalese PM Pushpa Kamal Dahal to China saw the two nations pledge to boost trade amid plans of new transport links through the Himalayas. But Dahal said Nepal would not join any security alliances.

India: Exam pressure fuels spike in student suicides
Immense pressure and expectations from parents to succeed is taking a deadly toll on students' mental health. DW meets one youth who has moved to Kota to fulfill his parents' dream of becoming a successful engineer.

Poland: Taking stock after eight years of PiS government
Polish voters will elect a new parliament in mid-October. After eight years under the Law and Justice (PiS) party, the country is polarized. DW looks at some of the ways PiS has changed Poland since 2015.