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Dutch museums open as salons to protest COVID rules
Famed museums and Amsterdam's concert hall offered haircuts and manicures, as the cultural sector protested lockdown measures that allow shops, hairdressers and gyms to open — but not cultural venues.

US: Trump's company accused of misleading banks, tax officials
New York State's attorney accused Trump's real estate business of seeking to obtain economic benefits with lenders and tax authorities, by manipulating the value of his properties.

US: Biden says he 'didn't anticipate' extent of Republican obstruction
US President Joe Biden said that he did not promise too much with his agenda, but did underestimate Republican opposition. He was speaking to mark one year since his inauguration.

Coronavirus digest: Travel bans ineffective, WHO says
The World Health Organization said bans on international travel have proved ineffective. Meanwhile, the English will lower their masks. Follow DW for the latest coronavirus news.

Berlin investigates Green Party leaders over COVID payments
The Berlin prosecutor's office is investigating COVID bonuses to Green Party leadership. The breach-of-trust probe targets current Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock and Economy Minister Robert Habeck, among others.

Brazil: Rio police occupy favela to 'reclaim territory'
In a major operation to push back against gangs, about 1,200 Brazilian military police were deployed to a neighborhood as part of a project to "change the lives of the people."

EU to withhold funds for Poland over Turow coal mine
The European Commission is punishing Poland after Warsaw ignored a court order to pay a daily fine over the Turow coal mine near the Czech border.

Norwegian mass killer Breivik still a danger, psychiatrist says at hearing
Neo-Nazi Anders Behring Breivik is seeking parole after serving half of a 21-year sentence for a terrorist attack that killed 77 people in 2011. A psychiatrist has said he is still dangerous and "you cannot trust him."

UK: Boris Johnson defies leadership challenge to oust him over 'partygate'
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson faces a possible leadership challenge as lawmakers within his own Conservative Party seek to remove him. In the latest blow, one Tory parliamentarian defected to the opposition.

Nepal faces new omicron-fueled coronavirus surge
Health officials are worried the sheer number of new infections will once again overwhelm the Himalayan country's fragile health care system.

Examining the poor reputation of Africa's armies
African armies are perceived as underfunded, underequipped, and ineffective. There is a long history of coups and human rights violations. Twenty sub-Saharan militaries were involved in armed conflicts in 2020.

Macron proposes security pact to make Europe a 'power of the future'
President Emmanuel Macron has outlined priorities for France's presidency of the European Union. Speaking to EU lawmakers, he said the bloc must construct a new security framework amid tensions with Russia over Ukraine.

South Korea gender divide becomes key election issue
A leading candidate in March's presidential election plans to scrap the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family. He has support among conservatives who question the ministry's legitimacy.