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North Korea COVID admission reveals 'serious health situation'
Pyongyang is now struggling to handle thousands of suspected cases with limited medical capabilities. In response, the country has imposed a sweeping lockdown and called on the military to stabilize supply distribution.

Mali pulls out of regional G5 Sahel joint force
Mali's military junta has announced it will be exiting a multi-national military force tackling an insurgency in West Africa's Sahel region.

Child labor on the rise in Africa
After years of child labor decline, the COVID pandemic has pushed many African children back to work. As a result, experts and children's rights activists are calling for stricter measures to protect them.

Ukraine forces in Kharkiv push through to Russian border — live updates
Ukrainian soldiers have reached the border after pushing back Russian forces in Kharkiv. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has warned of more attacks in Donbas. DW has the latest.

US: One dead, five wounded in California church shooting
One person has been killed and five wounded in Laguna Woods, Southern California, the Orange County Sheriff's Department said. The attack occurred at a church.

Somalia: Hassan Sheikh Mohamud elected president
Lawmakers have finally chosen a new president. Current President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed was hoping to stay in power after over a year of in-fighting and delays.

US: Buffalo shooter targeted African-Americans, officials say
The 18-year-old white suspect researched areas where he could take "as many Black lives as he could" before the shooting. He allegedly was known to authorities, after threatening a shooting at his high school.

Tunisia: Protest marks new coalition against President Saied's one-man rule
Protesters gathered in Tunis to reject President Kais Saied's rule, blaming him for returning Tunisia to a state of autocratic rule. The New Salvation Front has coalesced several parties to oppose him.

Sweden's ruling party backs NATO membership bid — as it happened
Sweden's ruling Social Democrats backed the country joining NATO. It comes after Finland confirmed that it would apply for NATO membership. DW has the latest.

Swiss voters back 'Netflix' law and boost to Frontex funding
Streaming platforms, such as Amazon Prime and Disney+, will now have to contribute money to Swiss cinema. Voters also backed switching to an opt-out system to organ donations.

NATO: Turkey outlines demands on Finland and Sweden membership
Turkey said it could back Sweden and Finland's NATO bids if they stop supporting terrorists and lift export bans. Aspiring NATO bids require unanimous approval from existing members to join the alliance.

How humanitarian aid makes its way from Germany to Ukraine
Relief supplies for Ukraine are collected in the German city of Dresden and taken to northern Romania, where they are picked up by volunteers from Chernivtsi in Ukraine. It is a special aid route.

Menstrual leave: A blessing or a curse?
Spain could become the first European country to institute special time off for coping with severe menstruation. In places where such period leave is already in place, women say it helps. But there is criticism.