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Are they welcome? How Africans experience Germany
With Germany planning to relax its immigration laws, African migrants narrate to DW their experiences of prejudice and bureaucracy. They are looking forward to immigration reforms that could grant them dual citizenship.

China loosens COVID curbs following protests
After three years of sporadic but full-scale lockdowns, Chinese people took to the streets. Now China's leaders are responding by loosening restrictions without abandoning the country's "zero COVID" strategy.

US and EU reach stalemate on green subsidies in TTC talks
There was trans-Atlantic harmony on most issues at a meeting of the recently established Trade and Technology Council. However, a gaping rift exists when it comes to US state support for green cars and renewables.

NGOs sue in French court over oil project in Africa
A civilian court case in France hopes to block an oil exploration project in Uganda and Tanzania developed by energy giant TotalEnergies. It's a beacon of hope for civil rights groups.

Iran carries out first known execution amid ongoing protests
The man is thought to be the first protester to be given the death penalty since widespread protests broke out in September. Activists warn others are facing a similar fate.

Australia calls release of Bali bomber a 'difficult day'
One of the men behind the deadly Bali bombings has been released halfway through his 20-year sentence. Australia has called for him to kept under constant surveillance.

Russia nuclear threat curbed 'for the time being': Scholz
The German chancellor said international pressure on Moscow helped "put a stop" to a potential nuclear escalation in Russia's war on Ukraine.

UK approves controversial new coal mine, sparking criticism
The Woodhouse Colliery project is expected to take two years to build and create 500 jobs. However, many say it will set back Britain in its bid to meet climate goals.

EU seeks cross-border recognition of same-sex parents
The European Commission wants to ensure that the rights of LGBTQ parents are recognized in all EU countries. But conservative EU member states are expected to push back.

Peru: Castillo ousted over 'coup' bid, new leader sworn in
Vice President Dina Boluarte has been sworn in as the country's first female president, and Pedro Castillo was arrested. Castillo had tried to dissolve Congress in a bid to avoid impeachment.

Spain hunts passengers who fled plane after fake emergency
Police nabbed some of the people who forced their way off a plane that made an emergency landing after a woman faked giving birth.

China's Xi Jinping visits Riyadh to meet with Arab leaders
China relies heavily on Saudi oil and is expected to sign a number of agreements with Riyadh. This is Xi's third overseas visit since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

What to expect from Xi's trip to China-Arab summit?
Chinese leader Xi Jinping's visit to Saudi Arabia coincides with a summit of Arab leaders. Experts say the meeting is not about Arab nations choosing sides between China and the US though.