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US envoy John Kerry starts climate talks in China
Diplomats are discussing China-US cooperation on climate measures. The talks come ahead of a virtual summit of world leaders later this month.

OECD: Development aid could sink dramatically
The world's richest industrialized countries spent record amounts on development aid in 2020, with a lot going to fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. But 2021 and beyond could see significant cuts to that funding.

Hong Kong: Top Beijing official slams foreign meddling
China has warned Western powers against "interference" after they raised concerns over Hong Kong's sweeping national security law and electoral reforms.

Coronavirus digest: India reports over 200,000 new cases
The new figure brings the total to over 14 million infections since the start of the pandemic. Meanwhile, officials are mulling a cancellation of the Tokyo Olympics. Follow DW for the latest.

Houthi 'government': War won't stop until Saudis quit Yemen
The Yemeni civil war has created one of the world's worst humanitarian crises. The Houthi-backed foreign minister Hisham Sharaf tells DW his "government" will not stop fighting until the Saudi-led coalition withdraws.

Germany, US urge Russia to pull back troops near Ukraine
Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Joe Biden spoke by phone, discussing the security situation in Afghanistan and Ukraine, as well as the COVID pandemic.

Brazil's Supreme Court greenlights probe into Bolsonaro's COVID-19 response
The Supreme Federal Court has confirmed its earlier decision to set up an investigative committee to probe Brazil's handling of the pandemic.

How social media is manipulated — and how Russia is involved
Social media posts by Russian lawmaker Leonid Slutsky are being boosted with likes paid for on promotional sites. This also appears to be the case with other Russian political accounts, as DW has discovered.

NATO allies agree to leave Afghanistan following US move
NATO countries plan to work together to pull their troops out of Afghanistan, after the US announced it would "end America's longest war" by September 11.

France's top court clear Cardinal Barbarin in abuse case
France's highest court has cleared Cardinal Philippe Barbarin of charges that he covered up the sexual abuse of children by another priest.

Ponzi scam king Bernie Madoff dies behind bars
Bernie Madoff, the man behind the biggest Ponzi scheme in history, has died in prison at the age of 82. Madoff ran a ripoff pyramid scheme that conned thousands of people around the world.

US: QAnon followers tied to Capitol riot arrested, FBI says
FBI Director Christopher Wray says his agency will soon release a report outlining the domestic threat posed by QAnon. The conspiracy theory is popular among supporters of former President Donald Trump.

Is a ban on buying sex work effective? Sex workers say 'no'
Five years ago, France banned the purchase of sex — but not the sale of it. The prostitition measures aimed to decrease the number of sex workers. The result, however, has seen services pushed into clandestine routes.