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Israel far-right groups march through East Jerusalem
Israeli nationalists are marching through East Jerusalem's Old City in a flag-waving procession. Palestinian factions, meanwhile, have called for a "Day of Rage" against the march.

Afghanistan: Polio vaccinators killed in 'coordinated attack'
Gunmen shot dead five vaccinators in eastern Afghanistan in what officials claim was a pre-planned attack. The country struggles with polio as many refuse to be vaccinated.

Saudi Arabia executes man for crime potentially committed as minor
On Tuesday, the Gulf state executed a 26-year-old citizen for crimes allegedly committed as a minor. Mustafa al-Darwish's family says he was tortured in custody; rights groups argue that his trial was not fair.

How local journalism can help rebuild democracy
Historian and best-selling author Timothy Snyder explains what went wrong with disrupted democracies and the media — and how local journalism may be the key to saving them.

What the Biden-Putin summit has to do with China
After a low point in US-Russian relations, US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin will be meeting face-to-face. China is one of the reasons.

Serbia, Kosovo remain at loggerheads as talks resume
President Vucic criticized Kosovo's new premier as fresh talks in Brussels aimed at resolving one of Europe's most intractable territorial disputes hit a familiar snag.

Polarstern team warns Arctic may be past tipping point
A research team that set sail for the Arctic has warned that the tipping point for irreversible global warming may have already been triggered.

Biden meets EU leaders, thaw in aerospace dispute agreed
US President Joe Biden was seeking to garner the EU's support in countering perceived threats from Russia and China. Some progress was made on trade tensions dating back even beyond his predecessor.

EU-ASEAN aviation deal: How will it benefit the two blocs?
The finalization of the agreement's terms comes during one of the worst years for the aviation industry in recent history — hit harder than most sectors by COVID and the subsequent collapse in international travel.

What can India gain from its 'engagement' with the Taliban?
Indian media suggest that New Delhi has opened a channel of communication with the Afghan Taliban. DW analyzes what prompted the government to engage with a group that it considers terrorist.

ICC: New chief prosecutor divides opinions in Africa
Karim Khan, the new chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, is a controversial figure. Some in Africa loathe him for defending war criminals. Others view him as a hero for representing oppressed victims.

Philippines: Duterte will not cooperate with ICC 'war on drugs' probe
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte says his country has its own systems in place to investigate claims of extrajudicial killing. His administration's crackdown on drugs has allegedly resulted in thousands of killings.

Burkina Faso: Amid growing instability, France signals it will reduce military presence
Islamist militias in Burkina Faso raid villages and extort money from residents to fund their fight to establish a caliphate. But as violence increases, France wants to reduce its military presence in the region.