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DW journalists from Afghanistan arrive in Germany
After a treacherous journey to escape the Taliban, a group of Afghan DW correspondents and their families have arrived safely in Germany from Pakistan.

Sweden: Apartment building explosion leaves several injured
Police have opened an investigation after an explosion in Gothenburg resulted in several people being hospitalized. The Sahlgrenska University Hospital said three women and one man were seriously wounded.

UN General Assembly ends with no speeches from Afghanistan or Myanmar
The new rulers of both countries said their UN ambassadors were appointed by governments that have been ousted and no longer represent their respective nations.

North Korea tells UN it has a right to test missiles, as 'projectile' fired
South Korea has said the North fired an unidentified projectile as Pyongyang's UN envoy defended the rogue country's right to test weapons. North Korea is currently under UN sanctions banning weapons tests.

UK puts military tanker drivers on fuel delivery standby as 'precaution'
The UK government has announced further measures to ease the rising demands for fuel, including the approval to put a pool of military drivers on standby. The country is facing a post-Brexit shortage of truck drivers.

NATO patrols Kosovo-Serbia border as tensions soar
KFOR peacekeepers are "closely monitoring the situation" amid the worst tensions between Serbia and Kosovo in a decade, sparked by a row over car registration plates.

Member of European Parliament wants Bulgarian cops watched
Reports of wiretapping and police violence in Bulgaria during protests in 2020 have caused alarm. European Parliament lawmakers, government ministers and members of the protest movement have made serious accusations.

US: Jury finds R. Kelly guilty of racketeering in sex trafficking trial
R&B singer R. Kelly was accused of sexual abuse, including of children, and trafficking for more than two decades.

TikTok says it has over 1 billion users
The popular video-sharing platform has seen a surge in users over the last years, with a large amount of its US audience joining during the coronavirus pandemic.

John Hinckley: Man who shot Reagan gets 'unconditional release'
The terms his release mean John Hinckley will not face any restrictions on his movement or internet use. He tried to kill the US president in 1981, bizarrely to win the affection of actor Jodie Foster.

Police crack down on Europe's 'cocaine pipeline'
An unprecedented international law enforcement operation involving eight countries has resulted in 23 arrests and the seizure of 2.6 tons of cocaine.

German election 2021: How world leaders reacted
Some countries see the election outcome as "continuity" after Chancellor Angela Merkel's nearly 16-years in office. Others view it as an opportunity for greater cooperation with Germany.

ICC under fire for seeking Afghanistan probe without US focus
The tribunal wants to "deprioritize" a probe into alleged US war crimes in Afghanistan and focus instead on the ruling Taliban and the "Islamic State Khorasan." Afghan human rights defenders have slammed the move.