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Ecuador: President Lasso faces no-confidence vote as protests continue
Protests led by indigenous groups have continued for nearly two weeks, as parliament begins a no-confidence vote against President Guillermo Lasso. The state of emergency imposed in some parts has been repealed.

Russia to send nuclear-capable missiles to Belarus — live updates
Russian President Vladimir Putin promised to transfer the Iskander-M missile systems in their conventional and nuclear versions to Belarus, as Russian troops took full control of Sievierodonetsk. DW has the latest.

Russia to send nuclear-capable missiles to Belarus
Russian President Vladimir Putin promised to transfer the Iskander-M missile systems in their conventional and nuclear versions to Belarus.

Denmark opens Flugt refugee museum
The Flugt museum, in the town of Oksboel, will recognize the contribution refugees have made to the Nordic country. A quarter of a million Germans fled the Red Army to Denmark in the dying days of World War II.

South Africa's Zuma slams corruption report as 'irrational'
A new judicial report claims Jacob Zuma is "a critical player" in a massive theft from state enterprises in South Africa. But the ex-president pledged to challenge the findings.

WHO says monkeypox does not amount to 'public health emergency of international concern'
The UN health agency stopped short of giving the outbreak the label of highest alert, despite the viral disease being detected in over 40 countries.

Activists say Morocco used 'unjustified' force against Melilla migrants
Spanish and Moroccan activists called for a probe into the clash that left at least 23 people dead at Spain's North African exclave of Melilla. The unrest started when some 2,000 migrants tried to rush the border fence.

G7 summit in the shadow of Ukraine war
War, climate change, hunger, poverty and health will be on the agenda of the G7 summit in Germany. This will be a key opportunity for Chancellor Olaf Scholz to show strong leadership.

US: Biden signs bipartisan gun safety bill into law
The new gun law will "save a lot of lives," US President Joe Biden said after signing off on the reform, but warned there was still plenty of work to be done.

Norway: 2 killed in suspected terror attack outside LGBTQ club
Norwegian officials said the alleged shooter was known to the police as a potentially radicalized Islamist and had a history of mental illness. Oslo's Pride parade, which was planned for Saturday, has been called off.

Ukraine: Russian forces occupy all of Sievierodonetsk, says city mayor — as it happened
Capturing Sievierodonetsk brings Moscow closer to taking full control of Luhansk, an administrative region in Ukraine's Donbas. Meanwhile, Moscow claims it has killed dozens of Polish fighters.

Lufthansa expects air travel crisis won't end this year
German airline Lufthansa has said it is canceling over 2,000 additional flights at its Frankfurt and Munich hubs due to staff shortages. Its low-cost subsidiary, Eurowings, is also expected to cancel flights.

China's Xi to attend Hong Kong handover anniversary
The Chinese president is also set to attend the inauguration of the next Hong Kong administration. His attendance is seen as a display of Beijing's control over the city amid a crackdown on dissent.