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Argentina's Javier Milei says he might get Nobel Prize
Milei slashed thousands of public sector jobs and wound back spending. Under his libertarian government inflation has fallen, but so too has economic performance. He claims his reforms might be worthy of the Nobel Prize.

Louisiana sued over law making schools show Ten Commandments
A new Louisiana law requires all public schools in the state to display the Ten Commandments in classrooms. But civil liberties groups say this violates the First Amendment of the US constitution.

Assange to plead guilty and return to Australia after deal with the US
Julian Assange has reached a deal with the US Justice Department to plead guilty. He is set to face court in the United States, where he will be sentenced 62 months of prison time he has already served in the UK.

Are Saudi Arabia's grand plans for a non-oil future too grand?
Ski slopes in the desert and a city of mirrored skyscrapers: Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 was always going to be expensive. But is it too expensive? Recent events seem to suggest the oil-rich nation can't afford it all.

Conflict fears grow ahead of Korean War anniversary
Tensions between the two Koreas are running high after Pyongyang signs a major defense deal with Russia and sends trash-filled balloons over the border into the South.

DW's GirlZ Off Mute provides a platform for young, female reporters across Africa. Equipped with a camera and mic, 13- to 18-year-old girls and young women cover the stories that matter to them and their peers.

North Korea resumes sending trash-filled ballons south
South Korea's military said that Pyongyang was again launching balloons across the border. Residents in the South have been warned not to touch them.

India's parliament: How diverse and gender-balanced is it?
Newly elected lawmakers gathered for the first time after the general election delivered a setback to PM Modi's ruling party, which lost its outright majority in parliament.

Why some African countries support trophy hunting
There are conflicting theories about how to best conserve Africa's wild animals. Should some countries continue to permit professional hunting as a means to generate income and minimize human-wildlife conflicts?

DW Freedom of Speech Award
Since 2015, the DW Freedom of Speech Award has honored a media person or initiative that has shown outstanding promotion of freedom rights.

Pakistan: Police arrest 23 after 'blasphemy' lynching
Police in northwestern Pakistan said they were still looking for more potential suspects. A mob attacked a police station to wrest the victim from criminal interrogation, killing him in public and burning his body.

South Korea: Over 20 dead in lithium battery factory fire
At least 22 people are dead after a fire broke out at a lithium battery factory in South Korea. The blaze was largely put out in about six hours and emergency crews were mobilized under President Yoon Suk Yeol's orders.

Would another earthquake reroute the Ganges River?
2,500 years ago, an earthquake changed the course of one of Earth's largest rivers, totally altering the landscape. Could it happen again?